Shifting Your Mindset

While we have all heard that our thoughts are things, I am not sure that we have a true understanding of what that really means. Your thoughts are not only things but your thoughts are tangible. Your thoughts are powerful and they frame the triumphs or tragedies of your life. I learnt the hard way that the key to success is developing a winning mentality. We spend a lot of time pursuing the trivial and expecting to be successful. However, we minor on the development of the mind. A mind, which as human beings is our greatest asset  Reaching your greatest potential is contingent upon rigorous psychological development and learning. When you unlock the power of the mind you unlock a life of no limitations. Here are a few secrets to shifting your mindset for success!

1. You must be careful what thoughts you accept.

What you accept becomes the architect of your life. So many times we just allow the mind to wander. If you want to develop a winning mentality you have to learn how to focus the mind. The mind is always racing but I learned that you have the power to determine what resides in your mind on a consistent basis. Just because a thought comes to you does not mean that you have to take that thought captive and engage with it ( this is called observing from the seat of consciousness). In other words. you should not give everything the right to take up residence in your mind but simply observe the thought and let is pass, be an observer not a reactor. What you plant will always determine what you produce. Intentionally plant thoughts that are in alignment with your purpose. Once a thought is taken captive that thought begins to create your life, Its a snowball effect.

2. You must get rid of toxic thoughts.

Toxic thoughts are thoughts that are poisonous to your potential. Toxic thoughts must be uprooted from the mind. In order to uproot toxic thoughts you must detach from thoughts that defraud you of progress and purpose. You must get rid of the old way of thinking if you want to live the life of an overcomer a achieve a breakthrough. The powerful thing about the mind is that no thought has the power to be planted without your permission. Your mind is the product of what you have permitted. Toxic thoughts make the mind a battlefield. Toxic thoughts keep us in a war between what is truly possible and what we perceive as possible for our lives.

3. You must plant positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts are inspired thoughts that awaken us to our greater potential. Positive thoughts can only be planted with intention. In order to plant positive thoughts you will have to reprogram the mind. The only way to reprogram the mind is to get to the root of toxic thoughts that are robbing you of a greater quality of life. Reprogramming the mind is a tedious process and no easy task but it is the only way to reach your true potential. You must plant positive thoughts by challenging your belief system. Your belief system is the key to your success or failure in life. When you challenge your belief system you are able to break through the barriers standing between you and the life of your dreams. You are able to create a new paradigm. We have to challenge habits. Challenging habits empowers us to operate from a higher realm of consciousness. When we raise the conscience we raise our standards and this in turn allows us to raise the quality of our life.

4. You must renew your mind daily.

As a life coach, I am often asked about how to unleash the power of the mind. I know that in my personal life the key to unlocking the power of the mind has been renewing my mind daily. We are good at maintenance when it comes to cars and houses. However, we fail miserably when it comes to the maintenance of our minds. What happens when we fail to look after something? It will inevitably malfunction. The mind that is neglected will produce a defeated life. A wasted mind is one of life’s greatest regrets. You must renew your mind regularly. Renewing your mind is scrutinizing what you think and how you think. Your thought process is what you think. Your thought pattern is how you think. You must fill your mind with the kinds of thoughts that propel momentum in your life. Inconsistent results are the product of unintentional thinking. If you do not like what you are producing you need to change what you are planting. Your mind will either be a place of victimization or victory. The power to transform your life begins with changing how you think!


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