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As a qualified Financial Planner & Certified Life Coach, Eddie has dedicated his life to helping others improve theirs not just financially but spiritually and emotionally. Eddie has the tools and tricks to help release you of your financial burden and guide you on a path to financial freedom as well as providing the psychological tools you will need to gain true fulfilment no matter your stage in life. Because that’s the goal isn’t it? to be financially free and experience true fulfilment in everything you do?

The world we live in today is more “subject to change” than it has ever been. Added stresses, longer working hours, tighter financial barriers it can be hard to find a balance and we have all heard the saying ” it’s all about balance” Now part of this is true but lets not forget we only get one chance and this crazy journey we call life. The secret to it? un locking your inner potential and experiencing true Fulfilment.

So how do we find true fulfilment? for many people this can seem impossible but we assure you it’s not. Through his own personal struggles with depression and financial insecurities Eddie knows first hand the feeling of total helplessness. Feeling like the dark hole we are in only gets deeper, feeling the pressure amount until you hit breaking point. It’s something no human being should ever experience. One day Eddie made a conscious decision to change his life and refused to be a captive of his situation and from here “The Improvement Factory” was born. An organisation designed to help those who need it most, this is more than just a company, its an “engine for change”

If you are reading this, chances are you want to change your current situation, you want to get a grip on your finances and control your money instead of your money controlling you, or you seek a spiritual awakening, you want to see what true fulfilment looks like. Or maybe both. If this is the case I want to congratulate you! the first step in solving any problem is realising there is one and the first step is always the hardest. So get in touch today and together lets “create that change”